2020 Election Officials ‘Fight’ Jean Mensa Over Unpaid Allowance

Jean Mensa and EC officials

Trouble looms as the persons engaged by the Electoral Commission are ‘fighting’ Madam Jean Mensa over their unpaid allowances.

These persons were engaged on December 7, 2020, for the 2020 general elections and have since not been paid their allowance.

For five (5) months, Jean Mensa and the commission have not made any attempt to pay the officials.

Expressing their disappointment in Jean Mensa, the officials in a statement said they “worked from dawn to dusk to ensure free, fair and credible elections.”

They added that they find the EC’s posture offensive and disrespectful” for not paying them.

“We believe that this injustice must come to an end now!” it added.

“We are of the considered opinion that the unjustifiable delay is a grave injustice, unfortunate and most regrettable,” the statement added.

“We believe that accepting to serve our country even in the remotest areas far from home, should not be mistaken for slavery,” it further said.