Adentan-Ogbojo Polyclinic Completed By John Mahama – Chris Courtyard Fiawornu

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communication Officer for Adentan Constituency, Chris Courtyard Fiawornu has asked the NPP to desist from touting the Adentan-Ogbojo Polyclinic as Akufo-Addo’s achievement in the health sector.

In a press statement copied to, Mr. Fiawornu stated clearly the project was completed with 20 bed capacity in 2016 before former President John Mahama before leaving office in 2016.

Read the full statement below;

“Our attention has been drawn to a document circulating on the various Social Media Platforms, titled “Health Sector Projects Under the NPP government – 2017 to 2019”. The document contains a list of Health Sector Projects completed and uncompleted across the Country between 2017 to 2019. This document was compiled as a result of the severe public backlash given to Akuffo Addo and his government over their gross incompetent and inability to construct a single health facility from scratch since they assumed office.

Upon conscientious check and keen analysis of the document, it was discovered that the majority of the projects in the document was started from its inception by the erstwhile Mahama administration. It has been captured on page 9, Item 169 of the document that the NPP government completed the Polyclinic at Ogbojo in the Adentan Municipality.

For the purposes of given credit to whom credit is due, we wish to set the records straight about the fate surrounding the inception of the Polyclinic at Ogbojo in the Adentan Municipality. I wonder why the impotent NPP government could claim the Polyclinic as part of their achievement when the records available clearly vindicate John Mahama’s achievement in the health sector.

For the records, the erstwhile Mahama administration was supposed to construct two Polyclinics in the Adentan Municipality, one at Ashaley Botwe and the other at Ogbojo. A land dispute arose at Ashaley Botwe which impeded the construction of the polyclinic. As a result, the polyclinic was moved to Ogbojo to add up to what has already been decided there. The project was in two folds all together, that is, phase 1 and phase 2. In 2015 the project witnessed a sod-cutting ceremony to commence the construction of the 30-bed polyclinic. This project was captured in the NDC’s Green Book specifically page 24 paragraph 5.

Phase one of the project was completed with 20 bed capacity in 2016 before the NDC exited the office. There is a saying that, governance is continuity, as enshrined in article 35 clause 7 of the 1992 constitution which provides that, As far as practicable, a government shall continue and execute projects and programs commenced by the previous Governments. Although president Akuffo Addo is a lawyer he never intended to conform to the directive principles of state policies provided by the constitution. This project was abandoned until the government was forced to continue, following huge public outcry.

The inclusion of the Ogbojo polyclinic as part of the NPP’s achievement is not only a shame to Akuffo Addo but it shows the extent of the insincerity and incompetent nature of a leader who has not achieve anything in the helm of affairs of government.

Fellow Ghanaians, the Akuffo Addo government is the only government that will go down in the history of the fourth Republic to witness an abysmal and lousy performance in terms of healthcare infrastructure in the country. The Akuffo Addo government has exhibited incompetence at the highest peak. Four years for Nana will be disastrous as it may lead to a total retardation of national development.

In conclusion, there is an adage that goes “if you have nothing to offer your in-law you do not tend to steal from her”. Credit cannot be taken away from the visionary and caring John Dramani Mahama from constructing the Ogbojo polyclinic in the Adentan Municipality.”