Akatsi North District Assembly to begin registration of herdsmen

The Akatsi North District Assembly will soon embark on an exercise to register all herdsmen within the administrative boundaries of the district, for proper identification and easy resolution of issues that are related with the activities of Fulani herdsmen.

In an interview, the District Chief Executive, Dr. Prince Sodoke Amuzu, told Awake News, that the move is aimed at bringing to an end the usual conflicts related to the activities of nomadic herdsmen.

“We are starting a registration exercise to register all herdsmen – that’s the only way we can put in proper check, and identify the herdsmen, when any of their animals have gone to destroy a farm.”

“I believe we need the herdsmen and the animals altogether because they contribute a lot to our food production. But they can only stay with us if they’re registered. By this, we can generate some revenue from the owners of the cattle”.

The DCE added that the District Assembly would not entertain nomadic herdsmen, who are not residents within the district.

“I want to state without any equivocation that, we are not entertaining nomadic herdsmen. I mean those who would come and pass through the area for some time and vanish. With the registration, we can easily identify them, which will enhance resolution and settlement of issues related to destruction of farm lands”.

The DCE’s comments follow a lamentation by the Assembly member for the Avenu electoral area, Hon. Azameti Felix, that the destruction of farm and farm lands by Fulani herdsmen has increased within the area in recent times.

“It is unfair to live in a farming community but can not farm to cater for your family. Fulani herdsmen have taken over the place and have continually destroyed our farms and farm lands”, he said.

Hon. Azameti claims that the menace caused by the activities of the herdsmen is threatening the education of their children since they can no longer earn enough from the farms to sustain themselves and provide the basic needs of their children.

“Korve is a farming community, but the irresponsible behaviour and activities of some Fulani herdsmen, many of the parents fail to provide basic needs of their wards, and as a result, most of them drop out. It is my utmost responsibility to ensure the security of my people. I’m therefore calling on the District Assembly and the District Security Council to do something about this menace”, he added.

The Assembly member made the claims at a ceremony of the commissioning of a 5-unit classroom block at the Korve D/A Basic School on Friday, 8th March.