Dr. Nyarkotey to be listed in World list of significant scientist

Dr Nyakotey Obu

Ghana’s foremost prostate cancer and Natural Medicine Researcher, Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu has been nominated to receive ‘ The Name in Science ‘ Award by the Academic Union of Oxford, London, in April 2019.

In a mail sent to Dr. Nyarkotey, admonished his research and academic brilliance in the field of prostate cancer and natural medicine research.

Nomination of candidates for the International Award in the field of scientific researches ‘The Name in Science’ is given to scientific teams, scientific societies, authorities, public organizations, business structures, scientists, politicians, and public figures.

Dr. Nyarkotey has published over 400 scientific articles, three patent pending and has formulated three important herbal drugs approved by the FDA. His prostate product, Men’s formula has received both local and international recognition. The Men’s formula is the only product formulated with over 14 ingredients in Ghana. He has received several awards and established the first Naturopathic Medical School in Ghana; Nyarkotey college of Holistic medicine. he also established the RNG Medicine research lab to research into evidence-based natural medicines and prostate cancer.
According to the Academic Union of Oxford, his name will be listed among the world list of significant scientist.

See screenshot of the email below;