Ensure Internal Financial Accountability and Structural Integrity of Your Buildings -Prof John Gatsi to Churches

Prof. John Gatsi

The Head of Finance Department of the University of Cape Coast, Prof. John Gatsi has admonished church leaders to ensure their internal financial accountability and the structural integrity of their buildings.

Speaking at a Fundraising service organized by ARS Church at Ho on Sunday 7th July 2019 Prof John Gatsi called on Churches to ensure good financial management, financial accountability and structural integrity of their Church buildings.

Prof John Gatsi asked Churches to continue to develop the right attitude in the congregants to ensure a better society.

He asked Churches to serve as spiritual, psychological shelter for society. He said “In times of disaster church buildings serve as shelter for people therefore in building churches we must work against shoddy work and ensure the structural integrity of the building.

We should avoid building on waterways so as not to contribute to flooding in the community”.

The church Prof. Gatsi said should be circumspect when engaging in commercial ventures such as setting up financial institutions, to avoid leading members into regrettable investments.

Even though we are in a secular state the church plays important roles and the voice of the church will carry weight when there are provisions to promote the welfare of members, internal financial accountability and good governance in church administration.

He praised the ARS church for demonstrating accountable governance by setting up a project committee to manage projects in the Church and congressional reading of financial accounts.

Prof Gatsi said above everything the church should continue to be the light of the world, make callous consciences soft and preach the gospel.


Source: Awkenewsonline.com