Former clerk of Parliament presents copies of his books to Rawlings

A former clerk of Parliament, Samuel Ntim Darkwa, has presented copies of two books he has co-authored on Parliament to former President Rawlings.

The revised edition of the books, titled “The Evolution of Parliament in Ghana” and “How Our Parliament Functions” were presented by Mr. Darkwa when he called on the former President last Thursday.

Mr. Darkwa told the former President that having worked for decades with the Parliamentary Service he thought it wise to “put something down for posterity.” The books, he stated, are dedicated to the Constituent Assembly which drafted the 1992 constitution.

In a hearty discussion with the former President, Mr. Darkwa said when the 1992 constitution was promulgated he and a colleague prayed regularly for it to be sustained.

The former Clerk of Parliament commended the former President for his role in sustaining the Fourth Republic recalling that when the constitution was first presented to the then Head of State, he called on all to ensure that it was a lasting legacy for Ghana.

Former President Rawlings said he was honoured to have received the books and stated he will endeavour to read them and take some notes for his autobiography. He commended the former Parliamentary Clerk for writing the book and noted that not many are writing, allowing some to skew the history of Ghana’s political development.

Mr. Samuel Ntim Darkwa has the enviable record of having worked in the parliament of all four Republics He was also the clerk to the Constituent Assembly which drafted the 1992 Constitution.

Co-author K. B. Ayensu was Ghana’s first Clerk of Parliament.