Most Of You Are Very Arrogant And Disrespectful – Group Replies Female Nurses

Following a recent report by that some female Nurses in Ghanaian lamenting over lack marriage proposals, a group of young men has reacted.

The group reached out to in reply to the female Nurses who publicly said Ghanaian men are scared to propose marriage to them.

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According to the group, men are never scared to approach and propose to any woman let alone a Nurse.  But the issue here is that most of these female Nurses after graduating from school become very arrogant, disrespectful and materialistic.

The group again added that, even at the hospital, some of these female nurses are very cruel and disrespectful towards to own patients.

They repeated that some nurses in the country are still not married because of their bad manners and not because men are afraid to approach them.

They said;

“FN, let it be on record that men are not scared to propose to these Nurses, however, they are very disrespectful and arrogant. Even at the hospital, see how these nurses are cruel and impatient towards their own patients. They do not have the qualities to be wives.”