NDC Primaries: UPSA TEIN President Wishes Delegates Well

The President of TEIN UPSA and a branch youth organizer at Adenta Bismark Tettey has extended good wishes to all delegates in today’s NDC Parliamentary primaries of the opposition NDC.

“Safe journey as we proceed to have our parliamentary primaries” – He said in a statement.

He also reminded the delegates and aspirants that “ability to withstand, endure and overcome these skirmishes make them true heroes and heroines of our history”.

Great people, institutions and even nations have once drunk from the cup of inconveniences, uncertainties and challenges. Their ability to withstand, endure and overcome these skirmishes make them true heroes and heroines of our history.

As I keep trumpeting, the NDC has never been poor in organizing their parliamentary primaries, it has always been excellent and I believe we wouldn’t want to witness anything adversely to this assertion that will eat into the good fibers of our great party.

As we laze our boots, button our shirts and fasten our belts in anticipation of the NDC at our various polling centres in our constituencies , I am very optimistic that this will not only provide an opportunity for us to make the right choice but also to protect the only Political party that is a congress that will champion the agenda 2020 course. This will equally provide an avenue for us to unite in pursuit of truth, honesty and peaceful coexistence.

I equally use this medium to wish the entire fraternity of our beloved Party delegates coming from far and near safer traveling mercy and goodwill of hope for our Party.

The horses and chariots are made ready for the day of battle, but victory always cometh from God.

Unity is strength as the saying goes, for A House divided against itself cannot stand as Lincoln rightly posited.

I wish all aspirant the best of luck and may the best win.

Bismark Tettey (BT)
TEIN President