I’ve Received Media Attention Than Any Gospel Musician In Recent Times – Obaa Efia

Rising Ghanaian Gospel musician, Obaa Efia, has riposted in a recent interview that she has received more media attention in recent times than any other Gospel musician in the country.

In her attempt to express her gratitude to the media for holding her down, Obaa Efia told Fnnewsroom.com in an exclusive that it has appeared that she is the only one receiving all the media attention.

She retorted;

“… The Ghanaian media has been very good to me from day one. I know am new in the industry but the attention the media is giving me is beyond my imagination and that of my manager. With just one single release, I’ve been interviewed on all radio stations in Accra and the DJs are also playing my song. I can say that I have received more media attention than the others in recent times.”

Her manager, Eddie Kay of Big K Records also took the opportunity to thank all the media personalities supporting his artiste Obaa Efia.

He said;

“… It has been an amazing start off… We’re receiving all the media support and we just want to say a thank you to the media.”

Obaa Efia has released her first single track titled “Nyame Nsa Tiaa” a few months ago is enjoying all the media hypes beyond imaginations.

Gospel Musician, Obaa Efia

Source: www.fnnewsroom.com