Our Uniform Stops Men From Marrying Us – Beautiful Ghanaian Nurses Cry

Some beautiful and juicy single female Ghanaian Nurses in Accra have revealed why men are not approaching them for serious relationships that will lead to marriage.

Speaking exclusively to Awake News’Efo Korsi Senyo on a trip from Abokobi suburb of Accra to Madina, these nurses narrated why men can’t confidently approach them.

According to them, their green uniform is one of the many reasons why Ghanaian men are not proposing marriage to them.

They said;

“This very morning, we saw three men in a car parked at the Presby Church at Abokobi. One of the men called my friend saying his boss will like to talk to her. My friend got closer to the man….in what appeared to be a way of this gentleman expressing interest in my sister; we were all shocked when the man only asked my sister ‘where is the hospital around here’”

“As disappointed and shocked as my friend was asked the man ‘which hospital’. The man then replied ‘oh, because you are in the nurses uniform and passing that is why I asked which part of this area is the hospital that you are working’”

When they there asked so what did the nurse tell the man, she said “I just told him, I work at Tifa Polyclinic and walked away disappointed in him”

When asked what did they think scared the man, this is what they had to say:

“We are sure our uniform is intimidating men. Especially the green uniform”

“The government must consider changing it for us before we die out of loneliness”


Source: www.Awakenewsonline.com