Oya! Go to court if you want – NDC MP dares gov’t over Saglemi housing project

Member of Parliament for the Sawla-Tuna Kalba Constituency Adrew Dari Chiwitey, who is also a member of the Works and Housing Select Committee, has dared government to go to court if it has concerns about the Saglemi Affordable Housing Project.

According to him, the erstwhile Mahama government is not trying to hide anything and that, anyone who has issues should seek redress in court.

The Minority in Parliament had demanded the government allows for the usage of some of the housing units which are ready, but officials insisted there is an ongoing value for money audit

Adrew Dari Chiwitey was speaking on 3FM’s morning show, Sunrise, in response to a press conference by the Minister of Works and Housing, Samuel Atta Akyea, who accused the erstwhile government of shortchanging Ghanaians in the housing project.

But Mr. Chiwitey said the previous government is unfazed about the allegations, challenging the government to seek legal redress if it suspects anything fishy.

“If you have a case, take the matter to court, simple! You don’t have to go talking plenty about it; this is why we have the law court,” Mr. Chiwitey said.

According to him, there are several lawyers in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and it should not take them long to seek redress.

“How many years does it have to take them to work on this little thing?” Chiwitey quizzed.

The NDC MP also attempted to justify the $200 million cost involved in the project, which the government say does not pass a value-for-money test.

According to him, the 2,172 acres of land which the project is sited on was obtained from the $200 million.

“We should not forget that we had to acquire a land that is 2172 acres. That land we didn’t take it for free, we paid from the 200 million dollars,” he noted.