Papavi Hogbedetor sends a strong message to Ghana Gov’t (VIDEO)

Leader of the Separatist movement, Mr. Charles Komi Kudzordzi (r)

Charles Kormi Kudzordzi AKA “Papavi Hogbedetor” the leader of the secessionist group, Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) who declared volta region and parts of northern and upper east region as independent from Ghana last week Saturday has popped up in a viral video on Youtube with a strong message to the government of Ghana as well as his followers.

The man who has been on the government’s most-wanted list ever since he declared the Volta region and parts of Northern and upper East independent appeared calm in the video which has gone viral appealing to his followers to be calm and peaceful.

“Dear Kings and Queens, the youth and every one of the Western Togoland, I am your brother Charles Kormi Kudzordzi, the man who brought about the idea for the freedom of our land and this we have been doing for some time now, last Saturday it came to pass that a declaration was staged, Yes, we made it and that I am appealing to all of you, everyone to be peaceful, No declaration is staged without quarrel it is always so but, I want to set the record straight so that peace will prevail and the whole world will know us”

He asked why the police would and the government who arrested him somewhere in 2017, and 2019 only to drop every charge leveled against him now turn around to issue a warrant for his arrest when they claim the state has no case and is no longer interested in the case on both occasions. He, therefore, challenged the government that he is not hiding and if the government feels that they want him to come for the case to be continued he will avail himself but only through his lawyers asked the government to show maturity in how they handling this issue.

“I am calling on the UN, Amnesty International and all other groups who work in the corridors of peace to come in to help solve this issue and bring it under control,” he said.