Price Of Bread Has Gone Up By 10 Percent In Kumasi

Bakery in Kumasi

The Association of Members of Flour Users, Ashanti Region, says prices of loaves of bread have increased by 10 percent effective March 15, 2019, Citi News reports.

This is as a result of the increase in the price of flour and other raw materials for baking and production of bread, the report said.

Hafiz Tijani, Citi News’ Ashanti Regional correspondent reported that the leadership of the Association has, consequently, advised its members to accordingly comply with the directive.

At a presser in Kumasi to announce the increment, Secretary of the Association Naana Essuman, explained that it needed to take the hard stance to keep them in business.

“We should have increased the prices of loaves of bread five months ago but for how long can we keep postponing this decision when we are losing our principal?” Naana Essuman told Citi News’ Hafiz Tijani.

She appealed to all bread consumers in the region to comply with the new prices so that bread producers would continue to stay in business.