Tension brewing in Ayensuano over Illegal land grabbing

There is looming bloodbath at Ayesuano in the Eastern Region over illegal land grabbing spree and harassment of residents allegedly being perpetrated by one Haruna who holds himself as Okyehene Mponuahene.

According to residents in the affected areas including Owusukrom, Ntowkrom, Maafo, Krabo, Kofi-Sa etc, Mr Haruna and his henchmen have brought land guards to the communities terrorizing the owners, settlers and farmers who protest against their activities.

They explained that, one Nana Mbeah was the one who initiated this criminal moves in the area but was stopped by Okyehene and his elders. According to the Residents, Nana Mbeah’s activities in Asuboi, Anom, Hwereso, Kyekyewere, Dontukrom, Bonkua, Amfaso nearly caused bloodbath.

Chiefs and residents in the affected communities say the lands were bought by their ancestors hundreds of years ago from Okyehene, Apapam hene and other late noble Akyem chiefs and they have lived happily with the the Chiefs and people for years and have had no land issues with the noble chiefs and people of Akyem. They alleged that the self made rep of Okyehene and his land guards have started selling lands belonging to these communities in the name of Okyehene and Apapam hene.

They narrate that the self made representative of Okyehene in connivance with the Ayesuano police command, have started terrorising them and seizing equipments of sand winners operating legitimately on their lands.

The residents warned that his activities could lead to bloody clashes and destruction of properties between his guards and the residents.

Our checks revealed that Haruna, the self made Mponuahene of Okyehene is notorious in many land disputes over the years in Ayesuano, Nsawan and parts of Suhum. His activities led to bloody clashes and destruction of properties in Okanta-Odumase, Panpanso, Ntoaso, Adoagyiri, Sakyikrom, Yaw Krow and has extended his nefarious activities to Ayesuano.

Residents said, Okyehene has no knowledge of Haruna’s activities. They said, Okyehene will not sanction use guns, knives and other dangerous weapons to terrorise residents in the communities.

They vehemently condemned the district police command for granting these hoodlums the space to operate and aiding them to terrorise the people.

In our subsequent stories, we shall reveal his deals with the police and the protection being accorded him by the district police command, his meetings with the police at a joint in Nsawam and Drobo.