8yr-old Ghanaian hole-in-heart patient stranded in India; needs urgent help

Davis Agbedam

An 8year old Ghanaian, Davis Agbedam, and his father Mr. Sampson Agbedam are stranded in an Indian town of Channai where they are to undergo heart surgery at the Apollo Children’s Hospital.

Speaking to Awake News from Channai, Mr. Agbedam said the situation of his son is critical at the back of the fact that the hospital needs an additional US$8,500 to be able to start the operation for little Davis who was diagnosed at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital in Accra with a hole-in-heart condition.

The doctors are demanding the said amount to start the operation and Mr. Agbedam and the son had to return to their hotel which they have to pay GH$30.00 per day for the past 10days since they arrived in India.

“Even the hotel bill is a problem for us. Is been more than 5days now we are unable to pay for the hotel bill. I had to plead with the hotel manager who is really helping us – a situation he may also not be able to endure for God know when” – He told Awake News’ Editor, Efo Korsi Senyo.

According to him, a Ghanaian based NGO and his church helped raise US$8,500 which was paid to the Hospital before they arrived for the condition for which the son was earlier diagnosed with but upon reaching the Apollo Children Hospital in India, the doctors at the medical facility run their version of the test to ascertain the condition of his son only to discover that the situation is worse than it was earlier discussed with the hospital before their arrival.

Below is the email sent from the Indian Hospital to their Ghanaian counterparts:

“Dear Dr. …….,

Upon arrival of Davis, we have found him to double outlet right ventricle with VSD and right ventricular outflow tract obstruction. However, what is worrying is that the VSD has almost shut down with severe left ventricular outflow tract obstruction.

The expected procedure would be VSD enlargement, excision of subaortic membrane on the anterior mitral leaflet aspect and routing of LV to aorta and relief of RVOTO.

We will execute the procedure but the worry is ventricular dysfunction requiring ECMO and complete heart block requiring DDD pacing.

The initial quote of US 8500 dollars should cover the cost of the procedure, but if the child needs ECMO, pacemaker or prolonged ICU stay, we need to be prepared for escalation in costs of approximately an additional US 8500 dollars.

Hope to proceed tomorrow by the grace of God,

Thanking you,”

AM Network, publishers of (Awake News, Vovoli TV and Awake Africa) is therefore embarking on a campaign to raise US$10,000 (GHc60,000) to help the little Davis.

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