Airbus saga: I dare you to bring yourself for probe – Amidu tells Mahama

Martin Amidu has challenged former President John Mahama to submit himself for interrogation over the Airbus saga if he is determined to deal with the matter.

Days ago, John Mahama called the Special Prosecutor a coward for being cited in his corruption risk analysis on the Agyapa Mineral royalties deal.

Mahama fumed;

“If you think that I’m indicted on Airbus, accuse me directly but because he is a coward and he knew that Agyapa was going to be discussed today, so he put a paragraph on Airbus to equalise the discussion; what kind of stupidity is this?.”

But reacting to Mahama’s comment, the Special Prosecutor has dared the former president to submit himself for probe if he knows he is brave.

He dared;

“Your Excellency, the wise and the brave former President John Dramani Mahama, man-up, wise-up, and be brave enough to come with two lawyers of your own choice to be cautioned and interrogated by this Office to demonstrate your valour and wisdom as not being elected Government Official 1 and also as not being the first guarantor to Samuel Adam Mahama’s passport application”.

Mr. Amidu also added that he is very daring when it comes to the fight against corruption.

“I have no brother or friend when it comes to my crusade against preventing corruption and fighting corruption. Ghana first always!”