Broken Heart Is One Crazy Sickness, It’s Severe Than Corona Virus – Dan Lartey

Ghanaian artiste manager and entertainment analyst, Dan Lartey in a recent up-close interview claimed that coronavirus is lighter than a broken heart.

Speaking in an interview with Eddie Ray on ‘Kasapa Entertainment’ show aired on an Accra-based Radio station Kasapa Entertainment, Dan Lartey emphasized that suffering from a broken heart is more deadly than coronavirus.

According to the CEO of Remedi Entertainment, he suffered erectile dysfunction after his ex-girlfriend wickedly broke his dear heart.

Mr. Lartey added, he couldn’t get an erection for a period of one year and six months due to a painful heartbreak from his ex-girlfriend.

Against this odd that the popular pundit came into the conclusion that a broken heart is one crazy sickness which is more serious than coronavirus.

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He disclosed;

“I had a broken heart and for one year and six months, my penis couldn’t erect. I invested so much in that lady who gave me the heartbreak.

“Broken heart is one crazy sickness. It is more than Coronavirus.

“Other sicknesses like headache, stomach upset, boil, malaria, stroke, madness, rheumatism are all found in a broken heart.”

Source: // Fred Noamesi