Dr. Nyarkotey Introduces Women’s Formula Against Sex Drive

Ghana’s foremost natural medicine researcher has introduced Women’s formula to boost women sex drive, menopausal, menstrual health and general wellness of women.

The product has been certified by the FDA and currently making waves.
The product was formulated based on science and research with over five natural ingredients.

Already, interesting testimonies are tripping in. One case study is one George Nartey, who wrote about his ordeal.

Women Formula Testimony.

“My name is George.
I bought the Women Formula for my wife about two weeks ago and have started noticing certain changes in her response and drive for sex.

Since I married her she has never initiated sex and even if I make the attempt to initiate it, her response does not show one who is much interested.

But since I introduced the Women Formula to her everything has changed completely.

1. This past Sunday 17th March 2019 she did not go to church. On my return, she prepared fufu with light soup and after joining me in the meal, she held me to the bedroom for hot afternoon s^x.

2. The next day, Monday she waited for me to dress and just as I was about leaving for work she held me to the bed to make love to her before leaving. That day, I got to work late.

3. The Tuesday following, she got home before me and actually came to back to wait for on the street I normally pass. When we got home, she went straight to the bathroom and on her return, she literally dragged me from the living room to the bedroom for hours of sex. I am so elated with the coming of this Women Formula.

Women Formula tea has really revitalized my marriage.

Also, my wife sleeps very well peacefully at night. this formula is ‘ magic formula’. God bless Dr. NYARKOTEY for coming up with the medication to save our marriages.”