We Will Ensure That Half-Baked Naturopathic Doctors Are Not Licensed By TMPC – Dr Nyarkotey

The president of the Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey-Obu, has sounded a strong warning to his prospective students that the college will ensure that half-baked Naturopathic doctors are not licensed by the TMPC of the Ministry of Health and handed over the lives of innocent people.

Speaking to FN News after the college just won the excellence in Alternative medicine at the Gold Coast excellence Award, Dr. Nyarkotey, more partnerships are coming and therefore the college has positioned itself to be able to meet international standards of training Naturopathic Medical Doctors.

According to the multiple award-winning Naturopathic doctor and researcher, the field of naturopathic medicine is highly respected globally hence that training at the college will focus on standards.

He said;

“… we would continue to insist on standards, half-baked Naturopathic doctors will not be licensed by TMPC of the Ministry of Health”