Ras Kuuku Is Disappointed In 3Music Awards Organizers Over One Nomination

Ras Kuuku

Ras Kuuku, a popular Reggae musician based in Dome has expressed huge disappointment in the organizers of 3Music awards for nominating his viral song ‘Wo’ in just one category.

Disappointed Ras Kuuku told Amansan Krakye on Radio Central in the Central Region in an exclusive interview that his song ‘Wo’ deserves’ more than just one category.

He added that the track went viral since the day of its release and all Ghanaians have accepted so he doesn’t see the reason why 3Music awards organizers nominated it in only one category.

He vented;

“They didn’t try at all, I don’t want to talk about it but they didn’t try. When we say viral song it means the song is everywhere. It’s the most popular song of the year. When you look at a song like “WO” and the power behind it and it got only one nomination. I sat down and wondered what Ghana music want from me again. It beats my imagination. When you look at the power the song “WO” and the performances it has done and where it has gotten to, even some of the organizers told me the song deserves VGMA song of the year nomination”,

Rus Kuuku then questioned that if the Organizers think the song is not a reggae song why didn’t they nominate it under other genres.

He added;

“Everyone likes the songs so I don’t know why. Even if it’s not reggae or dancehall song, can’t it be nominated at hip life, Afro-pop or even male vocalist? Just check the voice, anyway, God knows best.”