Date Rush: Ruby Ends Relationship With Cheating Boyfriend On Live TV

Date Rush: Ruby and Powder Guy

All too soon, Season 4 of the popular television show, Date Rush on TV3 has come to end with many of the ladies breaking up with their boyfriends.

Ruby, one of the ladies got picked by one guy who has called ‘Powder Guy’ started their date on a good note.

However, a few days to end season 4, Ruby took to micro-blogging platform, Twitter to accuse Powder Guy of being a cheat and ingrate.

And during the Re-Union Edition aired on Sunday, April 4, 2021, Ruby on live TV ended her relationship with Powder Guy.

She said she couldn’t go further with the relationship because the guy is a cheat and not worthy of her love.

Powder Guy sensing danger quickly walked to her, knelt, and begged for forgiveness but Ruby has already fallen out of love for him.

It was a sad moment.


Date Rush: Ruby and Powder Guy