Pizarea CEO becomes the first-ever Ghanaian to Sky Dive Dubai’s palm drop zone

The CEO of Pizarea, Henry Amalek has been named the first ever Ghanaian to sky dive Dubai’s palm drop zone.

Mr. Henry Amalek who set out to Dubai to enjoy the Christmas holidays has by no means availed to be the first Ghanaian to sky dive the 13,000 feet sky jump even above the tallest towers ever to be found in the premises.

It is quite shocking that a person of such nature would think of going that high up in the sky considering the risk factors involved.

When the CEO of the most reliable and convenient food delivery was asked why he made such a bold step, he simply said it was an opportunity to break his fear and motivate people to do bigger things in any corner they find themselves.

He also said it was a step to patronize and strategize Pizarea to be one of the best global brands known worldwide.

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