Stacy Amoateng And Akua GMB Fight Dirty Again; Exchange Blows

Stacy Amoateng and Akua GMB fights again

Stacy Amoateng and her former ‘bestie’ Akua GMB have resurrected their never-ending fight again as the two are punching each other with shades.

Akua GMB who actually started the fight posted yesterday that karma is dealing with her enemies and God is fighting her battles for her so those involved should brace themselves.

As expected, Stacy Amoateng took Akua GMB’s post as a shade at her personality also hit back heavily.

According to the Executive Director of Angel Broadcasting Network, Akua should learn to take responsibility for her own actions and stop blaming the world for her woes.

Akua GMB quickly replied Stacy Amoateng calling her as a demon in an angel form who is deceiving people.

See their posts below;