Stop Tagging Us Promiscuous – Angry Female Nurses Warn

Hi Beautiful ladies and gentlemen… I am coming your way once again but this time around I want to clear some misconceptions people to hold against female Nurses.

More often, you will read an article female Nurses as disrespectful, arrogant, full of pride, and worst of all promiscuous.

Now, I want to say it loud and clear that female Nurses are none of the above-mentioned tags being put us. Nurses are neither proud nor promiscuous.

As a professional nurse myself, I want to say that Nurses are human beings with blood flowing through our veins. We are just like any other hum being.

Have you ever heard someone has slept with his or her enemy? Hell no. Likewise, female nurses do not go about sleeping with anything in a trouser.

The fact is, we get proposals from men each and every day as we discharge our duties at the hospital. So if you propose to a Nurse and she accepts to date or goes out with you does not make her a bad girl.

Even if she allows you to make love to her, it is because she knows the two are in a relationship that might lead to marriage or something you both planned.

In any case, should a Nurse misbehave, it must that she not happy something you are doing. As her boyfriend, lover, fiance you should rather sit down with her and talk things over.

Moreover, female Nurses are not happy jumping from one relationship to another. They just want the best man.

It is so distasteful reading articles and comments painting female Nurses black, yet they are the same people who treat you when you visit the hospital.

Men, please you female nurses with love and care and you will they will reciprocate your love and care.

On this note, stop tagging female nurses as promiscuous.

Thank you… Goodnight